Kong's is the story set in a run down neighborhood convenience store. In order for the Protagonist Tripp to survive he must deftly navigate his way through a compromising situation. 




Written by / Ian Schiller & Thomas Nores
Producers / Molly Salz & Thomas Nores
Directed by / Ian Schiller
Cinematography / Todd Bell
Art Direction / Andrew Wallace
Editing by / Tamara Maloney
Original Score / Harald Boyesen
Colorist / TB
Casting / Foley Marra Casting


Tripp / Zac Titus
Dead Dan / Adam Davis
Bag Man / Michael Westman
Tina / Shelley Phillips



First Assistant Director / Thomas Nores
First Assistant Camera / Ricardo Escalante
Second Assistant Camera / Robert Boscacci
Gaffer / Andy Olson
Key Grip / Jason Gittens
Dolly Grip / Harrison Gayton
Sound Mixer / Erik Lehmer
Art Assistant / Mike Benna
Wardrobe Stylist / Emily Rose
Makeup / Margaret Caragan
Script Supervisor / Morgan Lester
Production Assistants / Roy Ellis & Zac Weathers


The Director

Ian Schiller is a Director living in Santa Cruz, California.

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